Climate Action Working Group

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Kiara Kealoha



By advancing integrated frameworks for interoperability, the Climate Action Working Group will help build capacity and collaborative networks in both the tech and climate communities to develop concrete and scalable solutions for climate actions. The CAWG will support research and help improve access to data and digital resources to increase stakeholder participation and help achieve ambitious climate goals in combination with integrity, inclusiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Objectives for 2021

The WG has agreed on three objectives around which it will carry out its annual work:

  • - Researching and reporting on key issues or obstacles for blockchain and other DLT deployment in the climate sector
  • - Define and support development of "innovative infrastructure" for stakeholders and resources to advance the development of data and digital solutions for climate actions
  • Supporting development of a compilation of best practices, lessons learned and recommendations to stakeholders, e.g., policy makers and technology developers, to support dialogue and exchange of ideas

Outputs for 2021

This year, the Working Group will be developing an opinion piece based on the interests and projects of Working Groups and members. The Working Group is also writing a contribution for a specialised research journal.

Work to Date

In conjunction with CLI, Working Group Members published a report and hosted events on Blockchain and Climate Action for the Governance Challenge. Members of the Resilience and Adaptation Subgroup hosted an INATBA Member's-only event on climate adaptation. Together with the Real Estate Working Group, Members published a report and hosted an event on UOI.

Overall, the Working Group aims to support capacity building about blockchain for the climate community, and about climate for the blockchain community.


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