• Dr. Erica Richardson
    Dr. Erica Richardson
    Managing Director, FTI Consulting Washington DC
  • Marc Taverner
    Marc Taverner
    INATBA Executive Director. Former Global Ambassador & Markets Development, Bitfury. U.K.

    Marc Taverner is an Executive Director of the International Association of Trusted
    Blockchain Applications (INATBA) – one of the largest multi-stakeholder blockchain
    organizations worldwide.

    Marc joined INATBA in 2020 as the first Executive Director and since then has been
    successfully leading the association with over 170+ companies, government officials, policy officers, regulators & legislators.

    With over 20 years of experience working across the globe in fast-paced, lean
    organizations, Marc brings a set of unique skills gained from a career in a mix of
    start-ups and industry leaders, building teams and driving growth. Prior to joining
    INATBA, Marc spent six years working with one of the original and largest crypto
    mining companies, chip manufacturers, and blockchain solutions providers – Bitfury.

    Marc also works as an independent consultant and advisor to international
    technology companies at Bluesphere Solutions.

    He holds BA with honours in European Business in Finance and Business Studies
    from Brunel University London and ESC Clermont Business School respectively.

  • Thea Utoft Høj Jensen
    Thea Utoft Høj Jensen
    Managing Director, Head of Financial Services Public Affairs, FTI Consulting Brussels


INATBA Online Conference Room


Jul 09 2021


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Global Blockchain Policy: The State of DLT Regulation Worldwide

The next 18-24 months will be an instrumental time period for the development of innovative and disruptive technology like blockchain. With the introduction of MiCA in the European Union, and ongoing legal discussions in the United States, many wonder what the future will hold for blockchain policy around the world.

This event provided an overview of DLT regulation around the world, focusing on diverse jurisdictions and their various regulations. Speakers discussed why the next year will be a key time period for policy discussions and what stakeholders can expect in the future.

This event was co-hosted with FTI Consulting.

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