INATBA to Hold Energy and Climate Action Roundtable, Issue Joint Statement on Key Challenges

WHAT: The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) will host a virtual roundtable next week led by its Energy and Climate Action Working Groups. The roundtable will convene leading regulators, established industry experts, academics and innovators to identify joint central challenges in bringing DLT, as part of the overall digital transformation, into the service of Climate Action Goals and the successful transition of the energy sector towards sustainability. The virtual discussion will inform all participants of the current status and most pressing issues of the respective stakeholder groups.

Conversations within the DLT ecosystem are individually intensifying, but also overall fragmented. INATBA aims to provide options, platforms and opportunities to harmonize the dialogue and to consolidate efforts to the benefit of all involved stakeholders.

Following the virtual roundtable, the Working Groups plan to issue a public joint statement highlighting actionable points and agreeing on the most efficient and effective next steps. While the roundtable is private, this statement will be shared with media.

WHO: The INATBA roundtable will be led by:

· Irene Adamski (Energy WG Co-Chair)

· Tom Baumann (Climate Action WG Co-Chair)

· Bara Greplova (Energy WG Co-Chair)

· Pedro Ramón López (Climate Action WG Co-Chair)

WHEN: Thursday, March 26, 2020

WHERE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, INATBA has decided to hold this roundtable remotely. Participants will be invited to dial into a secure line for a videoconference.


The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications offers developers and users of DLT a global forum to interact with regulators and policy makers and bring blockchain technology to the next stage.

Initiated by the European Commission and launched in April 2019, the association already has a membership base of more than 150 organizations, from start-ups to key industry players of various sectors. The association is additionally supported by an Advisory Board including organizations like OECD, World Food Program, the World Bank, and the United Nations.

The core objectives of INATBA are to:

· Establish a permanent dialogue with public authorities and regulators.

· Promote open, transparent and inclusive global governance models for blockchain and DLT.

· Support the development and adoption of interoperability guidelines and global standards.

· Develop sector-specific guidelines and specifications.

You can find out more about INATBA by visiting