Finance Working Group


The Working Group is set up to leverage member expertise and knowledge of DLT-based finance issues into policy recommendations. The overall community active within the WG seeks to become a leading voice across the blockchain and DLT space and help form solid and welcomed levels of influence on prospective legislation.


The WG has selected three objectives around which it will carry out its annual work. The common goal of the objectives is to form valuable recommendations to policymakers and best-in-class content to members.

  • Influence discussion on proposed regulations (MiCA, PRR, etc.) via consultation responses, reports, and speaking opportunities.
  • Dedicate significant resources and facilitate knowledge sharing for policy proposals (MiCA, FATF and TAX UD).
  • Analyse and expand understanding and influence of European DeFi and Decentralised Protocol policy initiatives.


The Working Group engages in a number of activities aimed at achieving the aforementioned objectives. Among others, the Working Group will focus on response to MiCA and PRR regulation proposals, AMLR preparation and response, crypto-asset taxation with DGTAXUD, analysis of DeFi compliance, paper on compliant DAOs and response to FATF recommendations.


The Group has been divided into three Sub-Groups:

The first Sub-group focuses on:
- Issuance of security tokens / crowdfunding
- Token classification
- Post trade, post market, custodian on digital asset
- Stablecoins
Co-chairs: Arnab Naskar and Marianna Belotti

The second Sub-group focuses on:
- License requirements for crypto exchanges, wallet providers and similar entities
- Investment funds/asset management
Co-chairs: Carolin Hartmann and Thomas Campione

The third Sub-group focuses on Decentralised Finance
- Research the threats and opportunities of Decentralized Finance
- Review the current regulatory hurdles for adoption
- Analyse the industry players and prepare INATBA members for how to use the applications of Decentralized Finance
Co-chairs: Jacek Czarnecki and Jan Klesla

Why is it essential?

Finance is undoubtedly a sector with strong potential for blockchain and DLT application and use cases. This includes both solutions developed by large and small financial institutions as well as start-ups and new projects. Moreover, this area is also of high interest for public sector entities and authorities at both the national and international level (EU and non-EU).


Jean-Christophe Mathonet


Dimitrios Psarrakis