INATBA and the CHAISE Project

CHAISE is a transnational initiative or else a Sector Skill Alliance, funded by the European Commission, to set forward a sectoral approach on Blockchain Skills Development.

The core mission of the CHAISE project is to develop a strategic approach to blockchain skills development for Europe as well as to deliver future-proof training solutions, in order to tackle blockchain skill shortages and to respond to the current and future skill needs of the European Blockchain workforce.

In 2020, INATBA was selected as a partner for the CHAISE project and will be leading Work Package 4 - development of a blockchain skills strategy. To help gain insights from the industry on this critical topic, INATBA is engaging stakeholders from its membership and the external blockchain ecosystem to form an advisory body and compile insights on blockchain skills approaches.

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We Need Your Expert Insights

To develop a blockchain skills strategy that is robust, progressive and reflective of the needs of the industry, INATBA is launching a call for feedback and development of an advisory body to spearhead this important work.

The Advisory Body will meet online approximately 1-2 times per month focused on the sub-themes of educational advisory, corporate internal trainings and professional trainings.

Share Your Insights - Join the Advisory Body