​Hacken OÜ

Country: Estonia
Working Group: Education, Finance, Privacy

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Our business is protecting yours. We provide a full range of top-class cybersecurity services protecting companies, blockchain protocols, and thousands of users around the world.

✅ Hacken Consulting (hacken.io/services)
? Providing a full stack of smart cybersecurity solutions for your business and clients, including but not limited to security audits of blockchain protocols and smart contracts. web application penetration testing, mobile application testing, DDoS resistance testing, testing for social engineering vulnerabilities, and full-cycle security assessment.

✅ Hacken Proof (hackenproof.com)
? A bug bounty platform is a crowdsourced solution to uncover security issues. We connect business with a community of hackers from different parts of the globe to get continuous information on the condition of security of your company or project and allows hackers and independent security researchers to report the discovered breaches in a legal way.

✅ Hacken AI (hacken.ai)
? Personal cyber guard application with a focus on education through gamification. We make cyber hygiene as commonplace as brushing your teeth.

✅ CER.live (cer.live)
? A comprehensive multi-factor scoring platform that objectively ranks crypto exchanges according to wallet balance, trade volume, liquidity, cybersecurity, withdrawal & limits, and public opinion. The rating is recognized by millions of users of CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency ranking web site.