Zeeve Inc

Country: United States
Working Group: Education, Finance, Identity, Privacy, Social Impact & Sustainability, Standards Committee


Zeeve is an enterprise-grade automation platform providing deployment, monitoring and management of Blockchain nodes and networks. We make it very easy to deploy your Blockchain nodes and De-centralized Apps using our intuitive and no-code platform. You can deploy your nodes in a matter of minutes and manage your nodes and networks with advanced analytics, monitoring and real time alerts. Be it large enterprises or blockchain start-ups and developers, we enable innovators across the industry to strengthen the decentralized future and expand the blockchain and web3 infrastructure by offering multiple permissioned as well as public blockchain frameworks and support the deployment on multi-cloud environments along with value-added infrastructure services.


  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure for Blockchain Consortiums
  • Enterprise class Zeeve distributed file system (ZDFS)
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Zeeve CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Data Query API for permissioned protocols
  • Network APIs with secure RPC endpoints