INATBA Welcomes Eight New Members from Across the Blockchain Ecosystem

INATBA is proud to welcome eight leaders in the blockchain ecosystem as new members in the past month. From education platforms to supply chain management solutions, we encourage you to learn more about each of their roles in the blockchain ecosystem below.

George Z. Georgiou & Associates LLC is a Cypriot law firm consisting of more than 50 experienced lawyers, arbitrators, legal consultants and support staff. Main areas of practice include arbitration, banking and compliance, commercial, corporate M&A, data protection, employment and pensions, estate planning, EU law, family law, intellectual property and media, litigation and international commercial litigation, private client, property and construction and tax law.

Dash Core Group is one of the organisations working for the Dash Network, contributing to development of the Dash cryptocurrency. Dash is designed to offer financial freedom to a wide audience, pioneering features like two-tier networks with incentivised nodes and decentralised project governance, instantly settled payments, instantly immutable blockchain and more. 

Lykke works to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain. In its marketplace, Lykke offers unique financial products that are available for B2C and B2B markets, facilitating easy-to-use investment tools with no intermediaries and low costs. 

Fireblocks is a digital asset security platform that strives for a transparent, efficient and fraud-free financial system of blockchain-based assets. The platform works with financial institutions to protect digital assets from theft or hackers by using breakthrough MPC and patent-pending chip isolation technology. 

Stanescu and Partners is a Romanian law office focused on providing customised and legal-focused guidance. Practice areas include employment law, corporate and commercial law, contracts, services and small business, intellectual property law, privacy, data protection and cybersecurity, blockchain and crypto-assets and environmental law. 

The Blockchain Academy® provides blockchain consulting and training in Luxembourg. They work to support corporate and institutional teams understand the strategic value of blockchain on multiple levels, striving to realise strategic implementation road maps that reconcile technological constraints while preserving the innovative nature of blockchain. 

Morpheus.Network was developed to make logistics easier using blockchain technology, providing supply chain managers with shipment and item visibility to automate and optimise safe and secure supply chains. Their management solutions include automation, multi-flow payments, integrations and layered technology. 

INCRREDA works with businesses to fulfill their potential using blockchain and other DLT platforms while maintaining compliance and data protection. They focus on industries with demanding use cases: trade finance, renewable energy and healthcare industries. 

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