INATBA Partners with LACChain & Inter-American Development Bank

Partnership will expand blockchain knowledge and expertise across Latin America and the Caribbean with the innovation laboratory program of the Inter-American Development Bank

BRUSSELS, Dec 15 — Today, the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications announced its partnership with IDB LAb. within the framework of the LACChain program. LACChain is a global alliance led by the Inter-American Development Bank, to further develop the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Together, INATBA and LACChain will work together to expand the blockchain ecosystem in these regions, maximizing inclusion, via the following avenues:

  • Welcoming government bodies and academic institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean into INATBA’s global advisory boards   
  • Producing educational blockchain roundtables and workshops around the world 
  • Coordinating large-scale research and initiatives on Standards, Governance and Interoperability of blockchain applications 
  • Exploring use cases of blockchain for pandemic response  

“LACChain is the premier ecosystem across Latin America and the Caribbean for blockchain technology. Not only are they accelerating adoption of this emerging technology, but they are using it to combat economic and other inequalities across the region,” said Marc Taverner, Executive Director of INATBA. “We are honored to have them join us as a partner to empower more people and help build a more inclusive and trusted society.”

“LACChain is celebrating today a great partnership. LACChain’s partnership with INATBA is not only an opportunity for the development of trusted blockchain applications in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also an opportunity to jointly influence global standards based on real-like blockchain uses  and experience,” said Alejandro Pardo, Leader of LACChain and IDB Lab Principal Specialist.

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Launched by the European Commission during its 2018 European Blockchain Roundtable, INATBA is the leading convener in the global blockchain ecosystem, offering developers, companies, and users of blockchain/distributed ledger technology a forum to interact with regulators and policymakers and bring blockchain technology to its next stage. INATBA currently has 167+ active nonprofit and enterprise members and is advised by more than 40 academic institutions and 23 governmental organizations and agencies from 15 countries across Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. INATBA often issues research and commentary on blockchain regulation and policy from its 14 workgroups spanning finance, governance, education, healthcare, identity, climate action, and more.  The mission of INATBA is to develop transparent and inclusive governance and cooperation models for blockchain applications, to inform policy and regulatory measures that may contribute to harnessing the many opportunities of blockchain through a close dialogue with policy-makers and regulators, and promote regulatory convergence that drives potential impacts for society and the economy from these technologies.

About LACChain & the Inter-American Development Bank

LACChain is a global alliance integrated by different actors in the blockchain environment and led by the IDB Group Innovation Laboratory (IDB LAB) for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our objective is to accelerate the enablement and adoption of blockchain technology in the region to foster innovation, reduce economic, social, gender and all inequalities, to promote job quality and security, promote financial inclusion, consumer protection and market integrity. To achieve this, LACChain focuses on two big pillars: community and infrastructure.

The expected results are based on the empowerment of people, the improvement of digital security, the generation of trust on the economy and digital society, fostered in the efficient use of energy and thus supporting inclusive growth, wellbeing, human rights and fundamental values. For more information, please visit: 

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LACChain Press Contact

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