Public Sector Working Group


Public Authorities and Governments around the world are rapidly expanding their exploration and use of blockchains for a variety of applications. The Working Group believes in a future where their role shifts to providing a platform and governance for decentralised services. Therefore, it supports this shift and fosters adoption of blockchain-based solutions from the Public Sector.

Objectives for 2021

The Working Group co-chairs have agreed on two main objectives around which they will carry out the annual work:

• Create added value for members by establishing recommendations to public officials;
• Establish partnership or communication channels with Governments, AAB and GAB members to share recommendation guidelines.

Outputs for 2021

The Working Group engages in a number of activities aimed at achieving the aforementioned objectives. Among others, the Working Group will produce a document on the use cases in different countries highlighting the impact on the sector, successful cases, challenges and reasons for those challenges. The Working Group will also draft recommendation guidelines on the use of blockchain for the public sector to be shared with Governments.

Why is it essential?

We view public sector use cases to be among the most pertinent applications of DLT technologies and have an impact on all areas INATBA could look at, considering the vast array of public sector competences. Also, considering that international institutions, governments and other public authorities will be a natural interlocutor of INATBA, in particular via the Government Advisory Body, it seems essential to have a Working Group within INATBA that can develop a strong expertise and recommendations for the public sector.


Barbara Halasek


Roxane Faure