INATBA Welcomes the General Approach Reached by the European Council on the Upcoming European Identity Framework and Wallet

Brussels, December 14th – The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) welcomes the European Councils’ agreement on a shared position on the proposal for a Regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 to establish a framework for a European Digital Identity (eIDAS).

We are glad to see that the legislative process is moving forward now, paving the way for the trilogues with the European Parliament (1). INATBA has been following the developments in this field closely for the past two years and actively engaging in conversations with all stakeholders. With the current proposal falling short of addressing some of the most pressing concerns in the community of digital identity and privacy technologies, we have decided to share our policy position with the wider community, aiming to initiate active debate on these key concerns. We invite all stakeholders in this policy process to engage with our policy position.

Key elements that need attention are: 

  1. Verifier safeguards in Article 6b to protect EUDIW users from fraudulent requests by relying parties; 
  2. The requirement for a persistent, unique identifier
  3. The private sector’s reliance on European Digital Identity Wallets (EUDIW) in Article 6db; 
  4. Competition in the wallet market increasing user experience and adoption;
  5. Lifecycle management of the EUDIW that enables control over the EUDIW; 
  6. The relationship between eIDAS and public permissionless distributed ledger technologies and blockchain networks.

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