Unified Definition of Social Impact For the Blockchain Sector

Common definitions provide the sector with a basis for a joint understanding. To do so in 2022 the SISWG, in cooperation with members of the GAB of INATBA, reviewed different social impact definitions and derived a social impact definition for the blockchain sector. 

We believe that a common definition of social impact is crucial to align projects working on the topic to cooperate and achieve greater impact together but it will also help to decipher the potential of blockchain technology and expand the horizon of our actions, so those within and outside the blockchain ecosystem can see and understand the potential of these technologies to achieve a greater good. 

Special acknowledgements to SISWG members: Mariana de la Roche Wills (IOTA Foundation), Laura Kajtazi (IOTA Foundation), and Åsa Dahlborn (IOTA Foundation), and the following members of the Academic Advisory Board of INATBA: Professor Paolo Giudici, University of Pavia; Dr. Gustavo Prieto, Ghent University; Professor Lisa Short, La Trobe University. Special thanks to David Phillips (IOTA Foundation) who edited the final paper and to Bara Greplova (Executive Team) for her constant support.

Access the full definition here: