Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group


The Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group works on identifying tools and frameworks to tackle global challenges and ensure a prosperous, sustainable, and equitable world for future generations. Since its inception, it has dedicated most of its efforts to identify projects that generate social impact and address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through blockchain/DLT applications.


Our mission is to accelerate the fulfillment of the SDGs by bringing clarity and interoperability to blockchain-related tools, frameworks and concepts. We leverage member expertise and networks to identify tools and technologies and make them highly accessible to projects and organizations tackling social and environmental issues, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, food waste, corruption, and other areas covered by the SDGs.


  • Harmonize social impact measurement frameworks by mapping them, in order to generate a model that can be implemented for small-medium sized blockchain/DLT projects.
  • Create a definition of social impact, aligned with the SDGs, that can be utilised by the projects engaged with INATBA.
  • Explore potential opportunities and ideas to bring funds to DLT and blockchain social impact projects, such as DAOs, community platforms, etc.
  • Participate in relevant events to promote the work of the SISWG and the projects working on social impact.
  • Finalise and support the remaining activities from 2021 performed by the Climate Action Working Group, prior to the merger of the groups.

Work to Date

Blockchain for Social Impact Report 

Overview of INATBA presentations on COP26 

Blockchain for Social Impact Workshop - EUBOF 

Blockchain and the Climate Adaptation Imperative 

Crypto Guide for Non Profits and NGOs  

Why is it essential?

- Our working group includes experts that are engaged and knowledgeable on social impact and sustainability topics, which offers great opportunities for exchange of knowledge in the field.
- Our working group is active and constantly drives new initiatives. In 2021, for example, we published the report “Blockchain for Social Impact” based on a conducted survey.
- We are open to discussing any suggestions team members may have for joint efforts to promote blockchain/DLT projects working on social impact and sustainability.
- Blockchain/DLT technologies have great potential to tackle transparency issues, with regards to sustainability and social impact - being part of our working group offers a chance to enable this potential.
- Being part of our working group offers an opportunity to be part of the transformation towards a more sustainable future empowered by blockchain/DLT technologies.


Joerg Walden


Mariana de la Roche