Supply Chain Working Group

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Dan Weinberger


Denis Avrilionis



The Supply Chain Working Group supports the adoption of blockchain technology by identifying the main challenges in the sector and establishing strategic partnerships with the ecosystem's main stakeholders.

Objectives for 2021

The WG has agreed on two main objectives around which it will carry out its annual work:

  • - Identify the main areas of action for deploying blockchain technology in supply chains.
  • - Establish strategic partnerships to cooperate with logistics providers, OEM, ERP providers, regulators, public institutions or existing blockchain consortia for the purpose of supporting and fostering the adoption of blockchain technology.

Outputs for 2021

The Working Group is developing outputs based on blockchain applications based in the agricultural sector and building out engagements with government stakeholders.

Work to Date

Working Group Members have participated in a number of bilaterals, including the  Co-Chairs speaking at a European Commission event with DG Agri, as well as a bilateral positioning call with DG Agri early in 2021. A number of Member use cases were presented at a G20 event on blockchain and consumer traceability by INATBA Executive Director, Marc Taverner.

Why is it essential?

The supply chain has been identified as a key application industry for blockchain technology. In order to achieve the full potential of the technology, this Working Group will address how blockchain can help address key challenges in the supply chain industry.


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